My Approach

Here’s the deal. I fix broken construction companies who can’t grow or get their marketing to work. How? This is where a lot of consultants and agency owners fill the page with their systems or strategies or books or whatever else they think works, but honestly, your business is like a snowflake, everyone is different, so there is no system or strategy or program that works for all.

My approach is different

First of all, construction marketing is different from other industries. It has to become a part of the framework or the fiber of your company. Only then can I help in making you THE expert in your field.

This approach also reduces advertising spend as prospects will now seek YOU out over your competition. This is the result of building trust in your community, which is one leg in the marketing trifecta; know, like and trust and people want to buy from people they feel they can trust.

While you build the world, we’ll build your community!

I deploy the same strategy for you that I use every day in my business. My business probably started much like yours, out of a spare room back in March 2005.

Construction marketing, and how I can help you most is by wrapped up in the next few sentences.

I use a simple formula that’s proven over and over again to help you grow. What is it? It’s three things really; Know, Like & Trust.

  • Know: You can’t sell to someone if they don’t know you. I get your community to know you.
  • Like: Next is to get them to like you, there are a hundred ways to accomplish this.
  • Trust: Finally, we build trust. Trust converts prospects into clients or customers.

The effort is the reward

The more we can develop a community around you who knows you, likes you and trusts you, the easier it is going to be for you to sell into that community. This approach will generate natural traffic that over time, convert to new business. Ready to grow your business? Start with a free, 30-minute consultation to see if we are are a good fit. You can schedule it now by clicking here.