Construction Sales Tip: Emotion Beats Square Footage

You have to realize that you are probably selling the second or third most expensive item (major remodeling) that the Jones’ are ever going to buy. That means you have to be able to take away any objections you can. A great way to do that is by selling with emotion, not selling the additional square feet. Everyone can sell added storage, a bigger kitchen, or new appliances, and that’s why you will do better selling on emotions.

What’s selling on emotion mean? 

You take all those things I just mentioned and you paint a picture. You talk about spending the holidays in their new kitchen, more family time spent in their new family room or media room, and you talk about better mornings and easier evenings in their new master bedroom. Learn how to tell a story predicated on emotion and you won’t have to sell square footage, you will simply be the dream maker!

By Darren

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