Content for Your Website

Content for your contractor website is one of three things that make for a great design.

They are:

  • Design
  • Function
  • Content

If those three elements aren’t in sync you are not going to get the results you are looking for from your construction website today. Sure, anyone can quickly throw up a site, just like I can build a deck, but I wouldn’t walk on my deck. Which is why we believe a good site with great content excels, and why we include content in our site design projects.

Maybe you already have a design, you may just need content for your website

Your content defines your business, your features and what benefit that has to your readers. We create content that speaks to your best customers, but with SEO in mind. We know how important search engine optimization is and what good content can do to build a business. We create content for your construction website the same way we create websites.

People first, then search

We know that an approach focusing on the reader with a heavy dose of optimization baked in is what makes for a solid long-term strategy to good search engine results. Our content is search engine friendly and written for readers, then for search engines. We think this approach works because we’ve never met a contractor whose built a deck, remodeled a kitchen or snaked a drain from a search engine! People first, then search.

Your content is your brand

Your content is your face and the voice of your business and every word needs to be consistent with that message. It needs to be packed with features and benefits and speak to your best client or customer. Your content should include a strong call to action to give next steps for your readers. In the end, your content needs to do two things; be found and sell. Hopefully, these few paragraphs have convinced you we can create content that helps you sell, now let’s talk about your content strategy and how we can help you convince your audience to become clients or customers. 

Work With Us

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