Contractor Social Media Tip: Picking a Platform

Google-Plus-LogoOK, let’s say you are a painter, or a plumber or a remodeling contractor or a tile guy or a designer. Whatever your particular vocation happens to be, you are also trying to manage this thing called social media, but you only have so much friggin’ time in your day, right?

So you want to know, if you had to pick one platform or social media profile to make sure you were staying up on right now, what would it be?

Here’s your answer, with one simple reason…Google Plus…Now here’s why

Forget everything you hear and read and focus on this one reason why…longevity of content.

Here’s what I mean.

  • When you put out a tweet…it’s gone in seconds.
  • When you post something to Facebook…it’s gone in minutes or hours.
  • When you post to Google+, it’s there forever. It becomes part of the Google ecosystem which is searchable and indexable and findable (is that a word?) for years to come.

So, again, if you have only a few spare moments a day to be “on social,” be on Google+.


By Darren

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