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My name is Darren Slaughter and I want to tell you why we make contractor websites and why that should matter to you. We make contractor websites because we think we can do them better by doing less.

You don’t need to throw the kitchen sink at your website!

Every good contractor knows you need just a few things that work well. Our contractor websites do one thing, help you sell. Each site we build is simple, easy to navigate and built to convert readers into new projects.

We know that cluttering up pages with buttons and links is a sure way to turn people off. We also know your construction website shouldn’t look like all those cookie-cutter sites, right?

Of course not, that’s why you are here, because you’re a specialist, and so are we.

You want a construction website design shop that develops contractor websites that are scratch-built, custom-made and responsive, and ready to meet the ever-increasing demands of your community.

Our sites look great and work on any device, from smartphones to tablets to laptops or desktops.

The secret is in the way we design each page

It all comes down to picking the right phrases and keywords and choosing the right words, and then getting them into the proper place on the page; in the headlines, in your pictures, in your body copy and in your meta tags. We have a secret formula we use to help develop content for your site. Don’t ask, we won’t tell!

It’s not just about design or content either, all contractor websites still need to sell

Contractor websites need to be designed with the primary goal of selling or to at least develop leads for your business. Not just a pretty picture and some useless words. With 45 years experience in contractor website design, we make sure the entire website maximizes each visitor your construction website gets. 

construction website designContractor websites done poorly impact your brand

First impressions mean a lot to homeowners. Having a bad construction website means bad contractor in the eyes of the homeowner. In other words, your website is a reflection on you. That’s why we take the time to make sure your website looks as professional as possible.

Why have us build your next contractor website?

Here’s why you want us to design your next site: 

1. A contractor website people can use: Ever find yourself lost on a website? What did you do? We bet you hit the back button, didn’t you? That’s OK, that’s what everyone does, but you don’t want them to do that on your site, do you? Your site will be simple to navigate and easy for even Darren’s Mom to use!

2. A site that is going to look great: We’ve done our fair share of website evaluations and re-designs of other people’s messes work, and frankly, we think contractors have been taken advantage of. Most sites look shoddy or worse, they don’t convert. Not here, we make sure each of our contractor websites is scratch-built to meet your needs. We will work with you to choose the right colors and fonts and layout that not only make you happy but attract clients and customers too.

3. Conversion: Building a site that looks good but doesn’t convert is useless. If you want conversions, the absolute best way to get them is through great content. Content that not only moves people to act but gets you found. And that’s the hidden treasure of our program; content creation is included! Now go ask the other guys if they will develop content AND build you a website…we already know the answer. Sure, they will cut and paste your existing content, but if you are reading this far down the page then you know deep down in your heart that what you now have isn’t working, so we make sure proper content is included in our scope of work.

And finally…Money: We are not the only company out there building contractor websites, but we bet no other contractor website design firm is going to talk to you about making you more money. Let’s face it, that’s why you want a website in the first place, to make the money you need to buy new trucks, to buy the braces your daughter needs, or to finally get into that vacation home you always wanted. Well, we are going to make sure your construction website is set up to help you make more money, and that comes down to 3 important elements that we are fanatical about:

  1. Great website design
  2. Copywriting & content that sells
  3. Conversion

We’ve spent the last 15 years specializing in construction website design, this gives us the ability to zero in on your project, complete it on time and give you a website that you know will not only look good but convert readers into leads and then new projects.

If you aren’t sure if you need a new construction website, we’d be happy to do a website review, then from my finding,s we can work on your next best step. All my team and I want to do is give you a website that does what you hired it to do, help you build your business.

  • If you could waive a magic wand, what would be the outcome of our work together?