GRAIN Construction Consulting

At, my team and I have worked incredibly hard to build an agency that helped construction companies large and small, sell more, advertise better and market to buyers. We’ve done this through creative production, paid media, branding, website design, blog marketing, and SMB advertising while working with thousands of contractors like you in 5 countries for 15 years.

Our agency started in 2005 and we drove most of our revenue from traditional agency work, but I knew that I could help bridge the gap between what is working and what wasn’t by following a new path and offering a unique opportunity for those of you wanting to grow.

That’s why I’ve announced my premium consulting service called GRAIN, focusing on $1M-$10M construction companies who want to unlock growth in their existing businesses. Think agency meets consulting. You get access to everything you need from me and my team.

What does GRAIN stand for?


How does it work? What does GRAIN mean?

Goals: What are your goals? We start collaborating with a strategy session either in person or via video conference call, where we will talk about your business at length; goals, objectives, strengths, weaknesses and business improvements that we’ve seen work for many contractors just like you.

Review: We then do a complete audit of your business; products and services, sales, business model, marketing, paid media, advertising and operations to unlock any opportunities and help you grow.

Adjust: We dig deep to get at the roots of your business and leverage the years we’ve spent executing to find where your bottlenecks are. Then we will work on how to break through those bottlenecks to get at the growth you want. We do this with a laser focus on your business model and strategy by identifying new ideas and growth hacks that we’ve seen work for other construction companies like you.

Install: The next step is to apply marketing systems that focus on developing a clear checklist of exactly what to do and when. We create support channels with either our existing team or vendors we’ve worked with in the past to help fill in the areas of your organization where you have weak spots.

Numbers: Now we watch the numbers. This gets us out of the planning stage and to the execution phase. The entire point of GRAIN is to get you into execution mode faster and start seeing the growth you wanted us to uncover for you. For 6 months after we’ve delivered your growth plan, you will have access to me, including:

  • Weekly 1-hour video consultations on topics you choose
  • Direct access to me for emergencies
  • Access to my team

You are getting over 50 years of construction marketing knowledge working on your business putting you ahead of the competition by unlocking the growth that you already have available inside your business today.

If this sounds like something that makes sense for your business, fill out the form and tell us more about your business and your needs. I launched this program because I know I have the team to drive the results you need and your business deserves. I can’t wait to see how we can partner together!