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The process we use has been developed over the years to solve the normal headaches most clients have with web design companies; communication, project management, and support. Our process means getting your new website is effortless.

Once you sign up for one of our plans, we are ready to get your construction website project off to a flying start!

We are so competitive because of the way we sell our construction websites. Not only do you get your website but you get everything you would normally pay extra for in one low, fixed monthly payment, so you know exactly where you stand month after month.

Usually, when you own a website you would need to pay a separate monthly amount for hosting, email, security, backups, maintenance, servicing an SSL certificate, hack prevention, content or image changes, and so on! This can end up costing your cash-strapped company a small fortune!

I provide construction sites on a lease arrangement, just like most cars you buy today. You get U.S.-based hosting, weekly backups, security, SSL certificate, SEO-friendly design, social media ready, maintenance, access to a super-easy way to edit your website for a low fixed monthly price!

To explain it in a bit more detail, think of the way you would lease your car with insurance and maintenance included! Our lease is for 36 months and not only do you get your website and all the extras but you also get support thrown in and you are taught how to update your site! We have made it super easy for you to edit your site till your heart’s content!

All of my websites come with the following features:

Super Fast Load Times
Daily Backups
SSL Certificate
Privacy Policy for your site
Unlimited bandwidth

Responsive Mobile Friendly
Social Media Ready
Search Engine Friendly
Fast U.S.-Based Hosting
Maintenance & Updates Included

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