Money follows attention

There never was, and never will be such thing as being overexposed. You remember the line your mom told you about that too much of anything is bad, right? Not when it comes to promoting your business. When the market goes bad we think about cutting back. Cutting back on marketing, cutting back on people, you know the drill. But the truth is that money follows attention. So why scale things back? PUSH ON!

What’s that look like?

Keep marketing, keep pumping out postcards or ads or podcasts or videos or whatever it is you are doing. Don’t think you are overexposing yourself, that’s not your problem. Your problem is obscurity. 

Run towards attention. Every chance you can get to be in the spotlight, take it. Social media, traditional media, Youtube, whatever it takes. Say yes to everything. The more attention you get, the more people know your name. And the more people know your name, the more chance they have to buy more of whatever it is that you’re selling.

By Darren

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