Website Design

We build contractor websites AND ONLY contractor websites. We’ve focused on construction website design because we know we can do them better. As a contractor, you know you need just a few things to work properly, and that’s the type of sites we build for you. Easy to navigate, clean layouts and fantastic content. Responsive design makes sure your message can be seen on every device your prospect may use.

Why focus on responsive design for construction websites? Because any website that isn’t responsive today might as well be offline. Here’s why:

  • A full 63% of smartphone users use their device to browse the web
  • Of those smartphone users, 34% use their smartphone as their PRIMARY device to get online!

We didn’t pull those numbers out of our hat, they are found right here on the Pew Internet Research study on cell/internet use. So, if you thought having your site up was enough…welcome to the future!

But we’ve been saying it for years, your website is your online showroom. It doesn’t matter if you operate out of a spare bedroom or a 10,000 foot building, if you are a contractor, your construction website is where you want people to be.

And that’s why ALL of our websites we build are responsive. And if you don’t know what responsive means, it means your site looks good on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.

But that’s not all that makes our websites different…

We know there is value in simple design. We know that cluttering up a page is easy, that keeping things that help convert and removing the rest is hard. Showing off your best attributes and developing a logical flow to the site that moves readers through the “sales funnel” without feeling like they are being sold to is extremely hard.

We know what makes a great site convert

  • Great design
  • Fantastic content
  • Logical navigation
  • On-site optimization
  • Imagery

It doesn’t matter if you choose custom website design or one of our semi-custom designs, you get a site that delivers on one thing…helping you close new business. We craft our sites to give you the advantage you need to beat your competition and sell to your best customers with an appealing design that functions as a sales tool.

  • We scratch-build content specifically for your site. No re-purposed content here! Also, our content is built for search, but made to convert readers into clients or customers.
  • We pay special attention to site navigation because the navigation is what moves people along the sales process. This helps “sell” to them without feeling sold to.
  • Optimization is important because your site needs to get found. A site that can’t be seen is like a billboard in the woods…or any billboard today…useless!
  • Images, like words, sell. We spend a lot of time selecting the right images that we fell will help promote your business. From stock images throughout the site to your perfect work for the gallery, images create emotion which creates sales!

We create custom construction website solutions here at Darren’s, but we also help out the guys and girls who may have a tighter budget with our $149 a month website design subscription. You can check that out by clicking here. Either way, you can contact us either by calling 215-740-2713 or reaching us through our contact page. We have other monthly subscription campaigns that help take the burden of marketing off of you and puts it on us. We have a monthly blogging campaign program you can read about here, social media management you can check out here, and some other services you can check out here. We’d love to work with you some how, some way, so let’s connect soon!