Social Media Management

Social media management for contractors and home improvement companies isn’t just the ‘next thing’ in marketing. At some point, having a website became mandatory if you wanted to be taken seriously in the home improvement arena. And just like needing a website 5 years ago, you may not understand social media, but you are starting to get the idea that you need to be involved, but you have:

  • No time…
  • No interest…
  • No idea how to even start…

You see, unlike building out a website, you can’t just “set it and forget it” when it comes to social media. You need to constantly care for and feed your social outposts in order to grow your community.

Why Social Media Management for Contractors? 

Because online is where your prospects are already living! The average Facebook user spends 404 minutes online a month! Not only that, but you have to consider reach. In the ‘good ol’ days’, Mrs. Jones may talk to a neighbor or two about your business.

Now she has a social graph online that extends to hundreds if not thousands of people, and just one tweet to her followers can make or break your year…if you are online as well. And you already know that a personal recommendation beats any advertising you can do!

Why social is so important!

Because before any of Mrs. Jones’ followers reach out to you, they first look for you online to evaluate your current ‘presence’ throughout social media. In fact, they will have the ability to review:

  • How many followers you have
  • How many tweets you’ve posted
  • How many friends you have
  • How many likes you have
  • How many posts you’ve made

The list goes on and on…But guess what happens if they find nothing online? You instantly lose credibility!

You have to have a presence!

And we manage that presence for you, we even create it for you through our day-to-day of posts we curate for you, our responses to fans and followers and our brand-building and marketing of you as the expert.

We have replicated the formula we used to build this very business, through the same means we used to get you to this very page…social media done the right way, honest caring about your community.

Why do it this way?

Because it builds a legitimate following, it builds trust, it builds community and over time it builds brand awareness that promotes and defends your business…This is what every contractor needs to have in their marketing mix.

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