Monday 29th May 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu
Darren Slaughter Construction Marketing

“Darren is the real deal…period. I will gladly be writing another check with his name on it.”

—Bob benhardt, owner, benhardt construction, st. louis, mo.

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I’ve helped construction brands sell more, advertise better, and market to buyers since 2005. I’m like the Farmers commercial; I know more because I’ve seen more. Not humble-bragging or puffing my chest, just letting you know I eat, sleep and drink construction marketing and how the content on your site, in your blog, and in your sales material helps you sell more, advertise better, and market to buyers.

Just Some of My Work

Words Are What Sell

I’ve been a content creator in the construction industry since 2005.

Industry Authority

Content lets your prospects know you mean business, and they’ll be dying to work with you.

Build Your Brand

Custom content that targets your audience will take your brand from boring to badass in no time.

Get More Leads

Let’s face it; you want the content to attract more customers. I got you. Let’s get to work.

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