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Black Butte Painting


The owners of Black Butte began painting at 18 and have operated a painting business since 2007 in the Pacific Northwest. Their exceptional painting skills have taken them internationally to France, Panama, and Costa Rica. The majority of their work includes high-end condominiums in the Pearl District and homes throughout the Portland area.


While having many years experience in painting, this is a new company who is trying to establish themselves as painters in the area. Their website needs to show their experience, but since they are just starting out, they don’t have a lot of projects under their belts.


We built a temporary website that is ready to go once they have images, testimonials and experience they need to show a full-throated presence on the web. The key section of the site, their services, has to meet their goal to launch a new brand that communicates to potential clients as to why they should choose Black Butte.

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