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  • Online Reputation Management Strategies

    Online Reputation Management Strategies Online reputation management strategies focus on creating and maintaining an excellent reputation. They will include social media, PR tools, and advertising. Managing the voice of the consumer is vital to the success of reputation management. The main objective of online reputation management strategies is to combat negative claims and build trust…

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  • What Negative Reviews Can Do to Ruin Your Business

    If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know that a negative review can destroy your business. People don’t like to write bad things about a business. But if you’ve gotten five or more negative reviews, you’ll see a big impact. Consumers are increasingly relying on online reviews to make decisions. And they’re…

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  • The Future of Construction Websites in 2022

    The Future of Construction Websites in 2022

    There’s something wrong with most construction websites today and it is costing contractors like you money…big money. Your website talks to people willing to spend $25k, $50, $100k on home improvements. Your construction website is costing you business You don’t see the people who check out your site and leave without contacting you, they just…leave.…

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