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Contractor Marketing-Lead Generation & List Building Part 4, Social Media

Social networking using sites like Twitter and Facebook are an AMAZING way to build relationships, connect with others, and yes, even generate leads. Here are 5 simple ways to make lead generation “easy peasy” by combining social media marketing with things you’re already doing.

  1. Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts so whenever you post to Twitter, Facebook is updated.
  2. Link your blog to Twitter, Linked In and Facebook so whenever you post a new item, the 3 separate sites will share the title and a link back to it automatically.
  3. Link your EzineArticles account to Twitter so whenever a new article is accepted, it will update Twitter (and therefore Facebook) with the title and a link back to it automatically.
  4. Schedule “tweets” to go out offering great daily tips.
  5. Create a “tweet ring” with those who you admire and complement your business.

Just imagine the amount of people your articles and posts are now reaching! Your friends, friends of friends, complete strangers – all are now exposed to your information AND given a link where they can learn more and sign up for your email marketing list. It’s also important to note that the above process is a supplement to participating in actual conversations and chatting with others and is not meant to be a substitute for the “social” aspect of “social networking”. Think of it as a big party with a ton of great people and interesting conversations that you can pop in and out of based on your schedule – and you don’t even have to dress up!

Make It Real: My Request to You

If you haven’t yet set up a Twitter and Facebook account, run, don’t walk, to Twitter.com and Facebook.com – both are free to join and they can be set up in minutes (seriously, you can tweak things later). And then implement items 1 – 5 above in order to maximize your social networking presence for your contracting business.

If you know you need to get everything set up and linked together, but it’s not your passion or desire to futz about with the techy stuff, then maybe hiring someone to establish your company’s online presence for a few hundred bucks is a better option. Either way, its 2010 and it needs to be done. If you don’t think so, ask your competition. Or even better, ask your customers.