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Contractor Marketing-Lead Generation & List Building, Part 1

Lead generation is a must when trying to build a list or develop new business for your contracting company. Lead generation allows you to find your target audience and determine what they want. When you can give your customers what they want, you will see an immediate impact on your topline revenue and you sweep away your competition at the same time!

Lead generation can be defined as the generation of interest by potential customers in your products or services. The actual lead is the information provided by a consumer that may be interested in buying from you, but just isn’t ready yet.

In most cases, consumers provide their email addresses to you when you provide them with something that they want; maybe some information they can’t find online or a useful product, in exchange for their email address. This allows you to establish an email marketing list in a credible way.

As a contractor who markets your business every day, you need to help your lead generation efforts and there are a couple things that you can do to increase your chances of success. First, you should develop a tracking system to determine how successful your different methods of lead generation are.

When you see what is working, you can modify your system to make it the most effective that it can be. You can use a squeeze page to track your click-throughs and sales. Second, you should use repetition with your customers when you have established a list. Studies show that the vast majority of customers will not buy a product the first time they see it. This means that on top of installing kitchens or replacing roofs, you need to market your contracting business everyday as well since it may take seven, ten or fifteen times before your prospects decide that the product or service you are offering is right for them.

Another strategy you can use to market your services is to start a slow-drip email campaign of about two to three emails a week to remind potential customers about what you are offering. Make sure that you don’t send too many emails, as your prospect will likely grow tired of them and ask to be removed from your email marketing campaign.