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How to Avoid Evening Appointments? You Friggin’ Get Out of The Business!

I asked you guys what you needed help with for a new guide I am putting together and some of the responses I got back where fantastic.

Some questions needed to be qualified a bit.

And then there was this one…

How do I avoid evening appointments?

I think the video will answer that question. Tell me your thoughts, am I crazy or do you try to avoid working nights too? If you do, how do you get out of it? I always preach you never sit a 3 legger.

6 responses to “How to Avoid Evening Appointments? You Friggin’ Get Out of The Business!”

  1. Rob Wright Avatar
    Rob Wright


    I think you are wrong……I have not gone an evening appointment in years.

    Do I do early am and late afternoon meetings yep……as you say people work. But the worst appointments are evenings and weekends. The homeowner is distracted at best and wasting our time at worst.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Wow Rob, you are the exception that proves the rule then, cause I don’t know many B2C contractors who don’t work the late shift. Why don’t you tell the people how you position it? What is your closing ratio with your setup? Do you often do presentations without a spouse attending? How often and how many times do you have to follow up?

  2. Greg Avatar

    I agree with Rob… I will only meet with a client in the evening to sign a contract, and even then, I find that most people nowadays are happy to “work at home” and meet during business hours. These same people find time to go to the doctor during THEIR business hours, they usually can find time to meet for an hour for an important project. The people that can’t meet during the day usually do not have enough invested in the project to follow through on it when it comes time to write a check.

    Quite honestly, contractors put themselves in shitty situations by their own doing. Free estimates and being at people’s beckoned call is done by NO OTHER profession. Just make a policy and stick to it like a normal business!

  3. Rhonda Burgin Avatar
    Rhonda Burgin


    I do agree with you on evening meetings, some of our homeowners are out there working late so they can pay for the remodel. Our company makes most accommodations to our customers. The only time we do not do is Sunday. That is family day. Why I do not like for my husband to be gone at night, it is part of the job.

    1. Darren Avatar

      In the famous words of Ari Gold…I go where the meetings are!

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