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Laurie’s Certified Construction


Laurie Goldsmith has become accustomed to meeting clients at job sites only to have them peek around her to locate her husband who, they reason, must be the owner of Certified Construction Inc. They’re not going to find him. Goldsmith is the sole owner of the construction company that installs vinyl siding and builds garages. “I’ve had to prove myself a little more than a man would,” she said.


Laurie’s challenge was to stand out from the many construction companies in her area. She wanted a site that would stand out from all the cookie cutter sites she was competing with. She also needed a strategic website that promoted the quality custom work her and her team delivers on day in, day out.


We design a unique and modern website that highlights Laurie’s mission, achievements, and projects to the forefront. The site uses clear and concise messaging along with a modern look that is visually appealing to visitors. A main entrance staircase is the focal point to the website which shows off Laurie’s attention to detail.

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