Use The News to Build Your Sales Funnel!

If you don’t already track your local news you need to start right away. I don’t mean the 5 o’clock news on TV or your local news radio. I mean news that people are talking about online in blogs and forums, offline in coffee shops and nail salons, and down at the supply house.


Because that is where the business is! Here’s what I mean, I am going to break down the following article and use the contents to help you find the nuggets in local business news to help market your contracting business better. The post I am using is from the site, and the article is titled “Owners downsize home work”. Here’s the details. A link to the post is here.

From the article:

Dyane Townley craves new kitchen counters for her home in Greensboro. Husband Jeff, a Honda Aircraft Co. engineer, wants a bigger back deck.

This couple lives in Greensboro, NC and have probably been online doing a ton of research. I wonder if any contractor has used social media to help them make their choices?More