No one I know would willingly write a check or whip out their credit card knowing that the advertising campaign they were about to pay for was going to fall on its ass. That’s why a marketing plan is so important, yet very few contractors have one. They have accountants and lawyers, but no one heading the marketing ship.

They assume nobody knows the business better than they do. Therefore, no one could market it better than they could. And that’s a tragedy and that’s why so many campaigns are destined to fail before they even begin. But knowing what to look out for can help stack the chips in your favor.

In order to promote your contracting business you have to establish a relationship with your client. Unless you are a 24 hour emergency service plumber who I call to get out the tennis ball my daughter jammed into the toilet, you need to build trust and rapport. Most of all you have to understand your target customer’s needs, then you can align your product or service to deliver on that need.Read More