Contractor Marketing Tip: Make Your Company Newsworthy

You don’t get many opportunities to send out a press release, but when you do you need to know the right way to make sure it gets picked up. You have to keep in mind that an editor of any publication big or small receives dozens if not hundreds of press releases and publicity kits every day.

How to get them to read yours

That being said, start off your press release by identifying what it is about you or what you’re doing that will grab the editor’s attention because it speaks to his or her readers, then write your release about that. For example, let’s say you are a janitorial company who just moved to “green cleaning”, and you want to let your local market know they have a new choice to keep their buildings clean and green. Your press release would be geared towards that part of the story, because “green” technology in any industry is a hot button issue and will appeal to many of the editor’s readers.More