So yesterday I wrote part 1 of this 2 part post on why I am moving all of my video posts to YouTube. Basically, TubeMogul finally had enough, told me to get a life and to stop free-loading off of their video distribution service. So, I went off to see what other options I had available, and to review the content I had on the sites TubeMogul used to post to for me. The primary video sites I post to are:


A funny thing happened when watching my videos

As I was reviewing my videos on each of the sites I mentioned above, I was stunned by the amount of advertising that was placed in pre/post roll and companion ads. The worst of the bunch was DailyMotion, who not only made me sit through 30 seconds of pre-roll but a companion ad that took up half the video!

Here is a picture of the companion ad they placed during my video playback. DailyMotion was even kind enough to cut off most of the bottom part of my face, including my mouth – maybe that’s a good thing though!

Here is the pre-roll screen for some new show on ABC. Literally nothing to do with the content on the video. I sure hope ABC didn’t pay a lot for that ad!

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there has to be give and take when it comes to video hosting, I mean the bandwidth bills must be crazy! But when these sites go overboard with the ads they water down the message. I mean, who the hell is going to wait through 30 seconds of pre-roll to watch my videos?

To make it worse, most of these sites don’t have a revenue sharing option. Meaning, whatever revenue they generate from the ads placed on top of my content they keep for themselves. Now again, I know ad revenue has to help pay the bills, but let me wet my beak a little!

And that’s when I started hitting the delete button!

In the end, I opted to remove all of my videos off of all the sites listed above except YouTube, where my videos play ad free. Think about it, would you want ads for your competition displayed while your video plays of that new deck you installed? Hell no!

So, as long as YouTube is being a partner to me, I will partner with them, until they start charging me!