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The 10 Must-Have’s on a Construction Blog in 2016

construction blogsA website is more than a necessity in today’s world since people are more likely to search online than pick up the phone. More than a placard with company name and contact information, a small business website needs to be informative, eye-catching, and professional in order to generate business.

A blog is a simple tool that will drive traffic to your site, engage your customers in your content, and create new leads for your business. Studies have shown that company websites that include a blog receive 55% more visitors, so developing a blog is well worth your time and effort. In order to attract views that could lead to sales, your blog should do these 10 things:

Answer questions.
When people have a question, the first thing most of them do is go online and search for an answer. Your blog should provide the information that your clients will be looking for. A home improvement contractor blog should include articles on renovation, home maintenance, and other relevant homeowner issues. You want customers to think of your blog as a place where they find answers.

Offer your product.
While your blog should be more than a sales pitch, it should also remind readers that you have a product or service available that can help them with their problem. Offer tips on DIY projects and seasonal maintenance but also offer to be the one to take care of their problems for them.

Subscription sign-up.
In order to generate leads from your blog, you will need prospective clients to interact. If they visit your site for helpful information, encourage them to subscribe to blog updates with their email address. These email addresses will help you build a database of potential customers for email blasts regarding new services, sales, and promotions.

Ask for comments.
Another great way to have clients and potential customers interact on your blog is to encourage comments. End each blog with a question that motivates readers to add their input in the comments section. Require an email address in order to participate in the comments and this becomes an effective lead generator.

Create links.
Share your new blog entries on your social media platforms and encourage your followers to do the same. Increasing your presence in each of these venues will create potential client contacts within the social media setting and also direct more traffic to your site. Remember to reshare articles as the topic becomes relevant year after year. Make the most of each entry by sharing it on multiple occasions. Use different blurbs to attract followers to click on your link so that you attract different people each time. Also, create backlinks within articles to related items on your website to increase your SEO.

Encourage sharing.
Your blog should have quick share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you include a picture with each entry, you can also provide buttons for Instagram, Tumbler, and Pinterest. Another feature that encourages readers to share is catchy “Tweet This” statements that you can include at the bottom of your post.

Be consistent.
Create a regular blogging schedule that your readers can count on. Become a part of their morning routine or weekend reading. However frequently you decide to post, stick with it and compile some extra articles to have on hand in case you occasionally do not have time to prepare a new one. Be patient. It may take time to build a readership. Also, keep in mind that far more people read than comment.

Create quality content.
For your blog to attract readers and generate leads, you will need engaging content that informs and entertains. In order to build subscriptions, comments, and repeat visits, give clients what they are looking for. Original articles, interesting facts, and impressive statistics are likely to earn you social media shares and additional web traffic.

Give your company a voice.
A business blog allows you to create a personality for your company. Interact with your clients through your blog and give them the feeling that your business is more than a company, it is a helpful friend. They can comment, ask questions, and express their feelings on your blog just like they would in a conversation with somebody that they know. This relationship building increases company loyalty and new business leads.

Add Videos.
Today’s internet user loves to watch short videos and share those that they enjoy the most with their social media followers. Create videos that demonstrate your services, give relevant tips or share an amusing anecdote related to your business. This is also an ideal way to emphasize your involvement in the community. Share videos of sponsored events or teams with your company signage visible as a backdrop.

These tips should help your blog really become a source people will turn to when they look to do something to their home. Now, I know coming up with the content for a blog is tough, and that’s why we offer it for you. We can write posts tailored to your services that are exclusive to you. If you want to find out more about our blog campaigns for contractors, click here.

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