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10 Reasons Contractors Need a Logo

Having a strong brand is one of the key elements that separates the most successful companies from those that are not. The trademark of a great brand is a high quality, memorable logo. People around the world recognize the Nike swoosh or the Pepsi sphere. Your logo should capture the essence of your company and give people an easy way to remember you. If you do not already have a professionally developed logo for your small business, here are ten reasons why you should.
1) Captivate the attention of prospective customers.
Logos are vital to helping customers remember your company, but they are just as important when attracting new clients. The colors, style, and image that you choose for your logo should tell them about your company as thoroughly and accurately as possible. If a picture says 1000 words, make sure that your logo is making the most of that message to potential customers.
2) Establish yourself as an expert.
Not having a company logo, or having one that isn’t very high quality, announces that your quality is subpar, you don’t take your work seriously, or just aren’t well established. Building your brand is an important element of your professional reputation. A premium logo coordinated across all of your company’s materials marks you as a leader in your industry.
3) Communicate your vision.
A lot can be conveyed through a simple logo: quality, integrity, sophistication, value. Your business mission can be quickly established through your logo. Use your logo design to clearly let customers know what you have to offer that others do not.
4) Make your company memorable.
If people see your logo on billboards around town, on the side of company vehicles, and on your storefront, it is going to begin to sink in. Your logo, and therefore your company, become a part of everyday life that automatically comes to mind when people are in need of the products and services that you offer.
5) Stand out among the competition.
A top quality professional logo will be one of the first things that prospective clients see when they are comparing you to your competition. While they may not consciously make their decision based on whose logo is more attractive, it doesn’t hurt to make a positive first impression.
6) Build company pride and employee loyalty.
Having your company logo on business cards, clothing, and other employee accessories helps your staff remember that they are part of a team. When people are proud of the place they work, they are much more likely to have high productivity and loyalty. A great logo is a step toward creating this team atmosphere.
7) Redefine your company.
If you have evolved in your business, a logo redesign is an ideal way to announce your change in focus to the world. A new logo will attract attention and be evidence that you are an innovative, modern thinking business.
8) Establish your presence online.
Building online presence has never been more important, and the competition is fierce to stand out amid the millions of messages to be found on the internet. By establishing a memorable logo, internet browsers will immediately recognize you and image searches will direct people to your website.
9) Build customer loyalty with a strong brand.
Athletic gear is a great demonstration of this characteristic of a great logo. You can buy a basic sweatshirt for about $15. However, companies like Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour sell their version of the basic sweatshirt with their logo splashed across the front for about $40, and people flock to get them. You know that you have a great logo that inspires customer loyalty and repeat purchases when they will pay extra to advertise your name on their clothing.
10) A logo is a basic business requirement.
In the end, the best argument for having a professional logo is that your customers expect you to have one. Take a minute to think about successful businesses that you know that do not have a logo. Exactly. If you want help developing your brand and image, we can provide you a new look with our own logo design services for contractors.