10 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Your Contracting Company…A Lot!

1. Frequent advertising reaches consumers when they are ready to buy.

2. Advertising frequently builds awareness, awareness builds familiarity, and familiarity builds trust. Remember, your prospects need to be exposed to your message multiple times before they remember who you are and what you do.

3. Advertising regularly gets you the best rates. Media companies realize the need for frequency and urge you to use it by offering you discounted rates for multiple insertions.

4. Today’s advertising influences tomorrow’s buyers. Advertising has a funny way of turning things that are wants into needs.

5. Frequent advertising helps you beat your competition. If you’re not advertising as much as your competition is, who do you think is more likely to reach prospects when they are ready to buy?

6. Every day you turn the lock on the door to your shop, keep your phones connected, and have a staff is another day you need more customers. Shouldn’t you invite customers into your business every day? If you advertise often enough you will see a positive result in the amount of clients and revenue your contracting business generates.

7. Advertising equals Mojo. What I mean here is every business needs new customers every week. Developing ad campaigns built around a higher frequency equals more sales and higher profits. It’s funny but people will never remember when they don’t see your ad, only when they do.

8. Consistent advertising helps you spread out sales evenly through the year. By advertising on regular basis you can avoid the peaks and valleys many of your competitors struggle with every day.

9. Frequent advertising helps you cut through the clutter by repeating your advertising message to a target customer which increases the odds that your message will get through.

10. Face it, people forget things all the time; keys, wallets, purses, hell some even forget their kids, so what makes you think they’re always going to remember you? Frequent advertising will keep your name and your message in their minds when they’re ready to buy.