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10 Ways Contractors Can Market Their Blogs in 2015


It can be difficult to get noticed in the burgeoning blogosphere that includes millions of professional and amateur bloggers. Even if you are writing amazing content, you will also need to drive people to your site.

  1. Have your readers market for you. When you write informative content that visitors are eager to read, they will be willing to share it with their friends. Make this easy for them to do with social media and email sharing buttons easily located in each post.
  2. Build a social media presence. You can’t expect your readers to share your content if you’re not doing it yourself. Create announcements for new posts on each of your social media platforms that include links and a catchy title.
  3. Reach out to other bloggers. Invite guest posts to your blog and offer to write articles for them. This is an ideal opportunity to present yourself as an expert in your field and attract readers from related websites.
  4. Interact in discussion forums. Find some online chat groups that are related to your blog topics. Involve yourself in the conversation and include links to your relevant articles. You usually can include your website address in your signature line as well. Ensure that you’re not dismissed as a spammer by sharing more than just links.
  5. Find related articles. Search more news articles that are related to topics that you have written on. Comment with a link to your article for those who are looking for more information.
  6. Create more content. The more posts you have, the more likely that new readers will find you. Find ways of promoting popular posts by writing related material and linking back to the older post. Write series on the topics that seem to interest your readers most.
  7. Use additional blogging sites. You may have your own website, but you can also start a blog on free sites like Blogger or WordPress. This enables you to post announcements of new articles on the free site with a link back to your original site.
  8. Purchase advertising. Get promoted on Twitter. Buy Facebook ads. Invest in per-click advertising on Google AdWords. Determine your advertising budget and which platform is most likely to reach your target audience.
  9. Print advertising. Your website and blog address should be featured on any business related material that you have printed.
  10. Offer a promotion. Hold a drawing or offer a discount for new subscriptions, followers, and commenters.

Notice most of these tips are free, they just require a bit of effort, which works well for if you are on a tight budget. If you can afford promotion, there are some great ways to get the message across more screens for very little cost, but start with these free opportunities and see how well you make out.