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10 Ways to Market Your Contracting Company in a Down Market

1. Steal – That’s right, steal a good idea for an ad or a flyer or a business card or whatever else catches your fancy. Some of the best marketing I have ever seen came from a “borrowed” idea that was made better.

2. Aim like a friggin’ laser – You have to know your market. And that means your customers as well as the business environment. Stay up to date on local trends and developments and know EXACTLY what your competition is doing!

3. Slap a new coat of paint on everything – Now is the time to update your logo, your ads, and your truck. Whatever you think is getting stale, figure out a new approach. That could even mean your sales process too.

4. Stay on top – of your customer’s minds. If you are a landscaper, it is easier for you to stay fresh in your client’s minds than if you where a remodeler. But both of you should be doing something to let past customers know you are still out there; just one will do it more often than the other…I’ll let you figure that one out.

5. Get a budget going already – If you don’t have something as simple as a budget for marketing, you are kidding yourself. You are just playing pretend business owner until your next job working for the man. And make sure you set aside a certain portion of each job towards getting your next!

6. Be a customer service company that does home improvement – In other words, take care of the customer by showing up on time and returning calls promptly, because you can’t get paid to build me a new deck if you don’t return my calls!

7. Sponsorships – Sponsor a little league team or Girl Scout troop. Both will give you plenty of street cred around your home base.

8. Write – a Q&A forum either online or through your local newspaper. Answer basic DIY questions from readers and improve your branding.

9. Blog it out – Take the same process in #8 and start your own blog.

10. Get as local as possible – Get involved in civic and social organizations and start passing out cards.
What have you done to generate new business that has been either low or no cost? Hit me up in the comments below and let’s get a conversation going!

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2 responses to “10 Ways to Market Your Contracting Company in a Down Market”

  1. Shaun McLane Avatar
    Shaun McLane

    Nothing wrong with a little door knocking either. It’s old-school, but effective if done properly. I take about two hours a week to knock doors in my community. My goal is to get into the person’s back yard by their pool – if I can get that far, I can close the deal. By showing genuine interest, I’ve been fortunate enough to have never had a door slammed in my face. Most people seem grateful that I stopped by.

    Another solid, low-cost tool we’ve used is partnering with other “Home Service” companies (land guys, screen companies, etc) and getting flyers from them. We add the flyers to a folder that is given to new clients. All we ask is that the other company do the same, and the cost is minimal.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Great stuff Shaun,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!