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February 2012

  • Call Yourself a General Contractor at Your Own Risk

    Nothing Says Jack of All Trades Like….General Contractor So, it was a beautiful day here yesterday, so what else is there to do but go walk around an outdoor mall…by myself. I was going to spend the day working on stuff, but I needed to get a couple things so I thought, why not. While…

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  • Small Things Do Matter: An Example in Action

    If you have spent any time on this site at all, you know I am a firm believer in the “devil is in the details” approach to marketing and web design. In fact, Chris Spoerl calls me the King of the Tweaks. Maybe it’s because I am an uptight Virgo, or the fact that I…

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  • Guest Post Update to Video Review of Traditional Painters

    Hey guys and girls, this is a guest post or follow up to a video review I did for Andy Crichton of Traditional Painter last year. Andy has a pretty unique business in the U.K. where he, well…check out his site then come back and read the guest post update. Now, I want to say, while…

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