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Call Yourself a General Contractor at Your Own Risk

Nothing Says Jack of All Trades Like….General Contractor

So, it was a beautiful day here yesterday, so what else is there to do but go walk around an outdoor mall…by myself. I was going to spend the day working on stuff, but I needed to get a couple things so I thought, why not. While strolling down the lane, I noticed a work T-shirt.

Now, I pay attention to work vans and company shirts like most guys pay attention to sports scores or muscle cars. This particular shirt wasn’t anything special; it was blah blah blah, General Contractor.

And I thought what the hell does this guy do?

I am kind of in the business, on as much of the fringe as possible, but I hang out with guys and girls like you every day, and I have to tell you, this designation is driving me friggin’ crazy! Here’s why.

If I DON’T know what you do…how the hell does Mrs. Jones know what you do?

But Darren, I do all kinds of stuff, so General Contractor is the best way I can let people know I do construction.

OK, if that is your line of thinking, you haven’t been paying attention. Take a look up at the header on this website…see what it says:

Contractor Websites That Work

I couldn’t be more specialized! Sure, there are guys out there that do exactly what I do, for dentists, pizza shops and accountants. But if you want a construction-centric site that is optimized for the home improvement category, there aren’t a lot of players in this space.

And that’s what I want you to do!

If you are a GC that likes to do windows, scream that from the rooftops. If you make the most installing decks, promote that as your leadoff hitter. Point is, if you are not specialized, then you are, well, by your own admission…general.

So how do you promote your specialty? You create a tagline!

Bob Jacomony, General Contractors, Window Replacement Specialists

Andy Peters, General Contractor, Your Deck is our Delight!

See, simple right? But it makes a point. If you can’t figure out what you want to be when you grow up, why should I have to figure it out by having to ask; do you, can you, will you? Then you complain when people call you asking you questions about lines of business or services you don’t perform. Can you blame them? No, you own that shit!

So, make your best/most profitable/easiest/ business line your tag, and you can avoid wasting time and money chasing leads that won’t close because they don’t know what YOU do!


5 responses to “Call Yourself a General Contractor at Your Own Risk”

  1. CA Avatar

    That was just INCREDIBLE! I love your site, this article today should be “promoted as you were a leadoff Hittler” (from your sayings, lol)….Keep it up…very good advice.

  2. Chris Spoerl Avatar
    Chris Spoerl

    Good point. If people don’t know what you do, then you won’t get work.
    If do get the work, you need to tell them what you CAN ALSO DO. ( extra services )

  3. Sam Avatar

    Hi Darren,
    In my part of the country “General Contractors” are the guys/companies who do commercial work. If you work on the residential side of construction the last thing you would do is call yourself a GC.

  4. JoeF Avatar

    I agree, to survive, one has to “specialize” in their respective trade. As my firm does work on old houses and buildings, I used the term “Old House Mechanic” to promote/describe the business.

    The term “General Contractor” is what it is, too generic….

    1. Darren Avatar

      Joe, that is a friggin’ awesome tag! “Old House Mechanic”. You HAVE to get work just from that!