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March 2012

  • Bounce Rate Equals Sucky Content

    Last week I wrote about time on site being a key metric to website design usability. Well, today I want to talk about a metric that speaks entirely to your content…bounce rate. Bounce rate equals not answering this important question…what’s in it for me?

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  • Learn From The Ant

    It’s the dog days of summer, and while the days are long, now is the time to prepare for what needs to get done during the fall and winter. Remember Aesop’s fable about the ant and the grasshopper? One slacked off and nearly froze his ass off, and the other was well stocked and taken…

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  • Google About to Bitch Slap Your Site…Again!

    So, it appears as if Google is about to smack around the web again with another algo change. This one is meant to address the over-optimization some so-called experts use to get their client’s sites on the mythical first page of Google. If you are happy with your current placement, you have just as much…

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