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May 2019

  • Video Done Right

    Video is the best way to build a relationship with your customers. You can’t educate them better in an entertaining way that evokes personality…yours. And it’s easy Create a video series that explains your business, what you do and the nature of the ecosystem that surrounds and supports your business. Now put yourself in the…

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  • Sell The Dream

    Even though we as consumers buy things every day, we hate being sold to. If you can change the focus of selling off of the service you offer (decks, additions, drain snaking) and focus on how you can serve the customer, the more money you will make. When thinking about the client base you serve,…

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  • What Are You Selling to Your Employees?

    The number one issue I hear today during consults is keeping and/or finding good help. Most companies think the best thing to do to fix the problem is to throw money at it; at new hires, at current employees, at subs. But a recent study found that 58% would choose to be happy at work vs.…

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