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3 Ways Outsourcing Your Construction Blog Will Improve Your Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is all about content. Whether you’re sharing images, silly cat memes, or your construction blog posts, you are engaging the public and using some type of content. Outsourcing your blog posts provides you the freedom to continue doing what you do best while your chosen copywriter does what they do best – win/win, right?

You may be asking yourself how a blog writer can write about your construction business, and that’s a very valid question. Here are a few ways outsourcing a writer for your construction blog improves your social media marketing campaign:

Compelling Titles

A title has the power to attract readers or turn them away. Do you know how to attract readers with words? Are you familiar with the methods used to create compelling titles that encourage potential clients to read the content within?

We recommend writing, posting, and sharing at least two blog posts per month. Can you create at least 24 compelling titles every year and attract people to your blog simply by sharing those titles with social media followers?

Make sure the blog content relates to the title as well. Don’t use bait and switch techniques that high-volume websites tend to use. People really don’t like being lured in with headlines like, “You’ll Never Believe What We Found behind the Wall of this Kitchen Remodeling Project!” and it’s just minor water damage that you briefly touch on. A headline like that makes people think buried treasure, not that someone should have found a leak sooner.

Professionally-Written Blogs Cut the Slang

Jargon; every career comes with its own particular words and phrases that others in the industry understand, but people outside the industry may find confusing. The use of your normal vernacular or workplace jargon is very easy to fall into while writing about your industry. We don’t always stop to think about whether certain things make sense to others because we’re used to hearing the jargon or slang on a daily basis.

For example if you were talking about the header or footer and the important role they play in the structural integrity of the home – not everyone is going to understand the terms header and footer in the same way. A doctor or lawyer who has written their fair share of essays or journals may immediately think header is at the top of the page, footer is at the bottom of the page, and not really understand what you’re trying to get across in the blog post. A thorough explanation of structural components may become necessary in order to get the full message across.

Professional blog writers take these things into consideration and explain things in terms that others can understand. Our team of writers has a good understanding of many aspects of construction from foundation to roof and areas in between. We work with you to create content that educates and informs your readers while encouraging them to call you for an appointment.

Current Topics

Writing about current topics may sound pretty simple; don’t write about winter projects during the summer, focus on current local trends, and offer holiday ideas during the holidays. Making sure those topics are thoroughly researched and properly explained to readers who may not understand them us an entirely different ballgame. We keep abreast on current topics in the construction world as well as trends that are more localized to our clients.

Readers in California, for example, would be more interested in earthquake preparedness than they would the ice dam and snow concerns that someone from Pennsylvania would have. We regularly write for general contractors, electricians, plumbers, and painters from several different areas of the United States and the United Kingdom as well.

Understanding remodeling trends from different areas of the world allows us to provide quality content to all of our blog clients. The relevancy of content helps attract homeowners and commercial property owners who may be in need of your services. Our understanding of social media marketing allows us to track specific trends and terms that attract readers and lead them to you through high quality content; which is where we began this post today.

Need Help?

We’ve written for contractors for 20 years, and only contractors. We have the experience and expertise necessary to write a compelling title without using bait and switch, explain things in ways your readers can understand, and stay abreast on current topics. Above all, we’ve worked with every type of home improvement contractor in 6 countries and have a pretty good idea what works, so give us a call or contact us by clicking below.