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4 Reasons Your Guarantee Can Help You Sell That You Are Not Using

As a marketer for contractors, I am limited in the types of offers I can use that traditionally raise response rates.

  • Limited time offer
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free trial

All clever marketing tricks that traditional marketing uses to increase take rates. But construction marketing is different since we obviously can’t offer a free trial of a new kitchen.

So how can you differentiate?

One of the first questions I ask a new client is about their guarantee or warranty. They I compare that to what is standard in their industry. The next to last question I ask is how often does someone act on their guarantee or warranty.  The answer is usually quite low if at all.

My last question is – why not double it?

A strong guarantee does a lot to remove doubt when the consumer is on the fence and doesn’t know which contractor to hire. A strong guarantee lets the homeowner know:

  1. That you do quality work
  2. That you stand behind your product or service
  3. That you are probably better than your competition
  4. That they should expect to pay a bit more for your service

If you do decide to offer a better guarantee than the rest of your market, you need to shout it from the rooftops in all of your marketing and advertising. Put on work orders, business cards, your work vehicles, anywhere the public sees your message, let them know that you are the company that doubles the guarantee.

Photo credit: Steve Snoodgrass