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4 Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts and Why Sharing Your Stories Increases Readership

Construction worker on siteThis is a bit of a personal post – from the team here at Darren Slaughter dot com to our existing blog clients and those of you who are considering hiring us. We love writing blog posts for our clients every month. We enjoy seeing what they’re doing on a regular basis when we visit their Facebook page or receive an email. Hearing from our clients occasionally gives us the unique opportunity to:

Provide More Customization in Your Blogs

Your construction business is different from those owned and operated by other contractors who have an online presence, so your website needs to reflect that. Every contractor does business differently although they all promise the best service and craftsmanship. Our relationship with our clients allows us to create content based on their particular business model. We take the time to listen to you so that we can craft custom content that reads as if you wrote it yourself.

Convey More Details to Your Readers

Everyone expects to see indications that you are the best in your field. We all strive to be our best and to put that passion into our work. What makes your work better than the competition? Why should your reader choose you as their remodeler or builder? The answers to those questions are the types of details that we want to convey to your readers. They need to understand your passion for your work.

Provide Better Information about Your Services

Every contractor claims that they’re the best. We all do that, I suppose. But your blog offers you a unique opportunity to share specific information about your services. Tell your readers about your favorite building materials or your favorite season for building.

Open up Better Communication

Comments are one of the many ways your readers can communicate with you. Always try to present a question or request an opinion at the end of your blog posts so that your readers have the opportunity to share their ideas. You can even request that they discuss their ideas on your Facebook page to bring more attention to your social media presence.

And now for the actual reason you’re here…

Share Your Stories with Your Readers

How does sharing your stories help increase your readership? That’s actually pretty simple – people return to read more after they’ve been entertained or they’ve read something that they found interesting. Your stories may seem mundane to you because you live your life every day. But to someone else who may be considering hiring a contractor, your blog, and social media accounts are great ways to see your work in action.

Ultimately people read a blog for one of two reasons: education or entertainment. Why do you think so many people spend countless hours on Facebook or YouTube? They’re there to be entertained. Your stories from construction sites would be a nice, educational read for someone who plans to hire you. Funny stories about the family dog running off with a worker’s lunch or conversations with kids on the worksite are great to draw in people who enjoy the entertainment value of your blog.

Our Goals for Your Construction Website and Blog

I mentioned how much we love our job in the first paragraph. Whether we’re designing your website, writing your blog, building your social marketing campaign with you, or discussing your upcoming blog campaign – we love it. Our interaction with you is what allows us to fully customize your blog using your words.

Our Experiences with Our Existing Clients

I won’t get into specifics here because all of our content is ghostwritten for our clients, but we’ve made some great partnerships and friendships along the way. We’ve seen a lot of great craftsmanship come together through the years. We’ve seen some of our clients design and build their own dream home and at least one of our clients experienced the birth of a new child earlier this year.

We know all of this because of the conversations we’ve had with them and our ability to discuss things with them on social media or via email. Your readers deserve the best. They want to see that you’re a talented craftsman, that you’re a professional in your field, and that you enjoy sharing stories and information.

We want to offer a heartfelt Thank You if you are already a blogging client. If you’re not one of our clients yet, what are you waiting for? Let’s get busy making your website and blog awesome so we can continue to build your online presence while you continue building your construction business.

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