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  1. Jordan
    October 28, 2010 @ 5:23 pm

    For house framers, what do you think would be a good way to market? Because generally you are marketing to contractors and house builders.

    • Darren
      October 28, 2010 @ 5:36 pm

      Hey Jordon,

      Thanks for stopping by. For what you do, a lot of it is going to be networking; shaking hands and kissing babies kind of stuff. The nice part about it is, once you have an established base of GC’s/contractors giving you work, you won’t have to spend as much as someone who does retail. Check out this post of mine from a few days ago:

  2. Jordan
    October 28, 2010 @ 6:03 pm

    Thanks… after reading it I did get a couple good ideas. Here is another question… For the guy that we are doing some work for now, how would you solidify the relationship? Take them out for lunch and ask them how things are going with their business?

    • Darren
      October 28, 2010 @ 8:55 pm

      You are in a situation not unlike my own. Here is the best way…make each client feel as if they were your only client. Notice I didn’t say treat them like they were, I said make them feel that way. Which means you have to under-promise and over-deliver! Hope that helps. If not, dig around here a bit, there is bound to be something for you to use.

      Thanks again for stopping by!