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As Contractor Marketing Goes Digital, So Goes…

construction marketing goes digital

The leads Silly! Our increasingly digital world is changing how we do business in many ways. Keep in touch with the cell phone in your pocket, email vendors and find discount suppliers by shopping online. It stands to reason that we must also change the way we market due to our move toward online activity.

Your potential clients are searching for the best contractors online as well, so it stands to reason the bulk of your lead development should be aimed toward a digital footprint.

The good news is that digital marketing can IS more effective and LESS expensive than traditional marketing. Remember those pricy Yellow Pages listings, hundreds of dollars for a single day’s newspaper ad, and laying out an uncomfortable amount for a radio spot? If that list gave you douche chills, you have to adopt a digital marketing strategy for your construction company.

One of Our Construction Marketing Favs: Facebook Dark Ads

You already have a Facebook page for your business, right? If you don’t, get out from the rock you are under and get your ass one! It’s free and it enables your existing customers to begin sharing how much they love your work. Then you can move on to creating Facebook dark ads.

These ads are really hidden posts that will appear only to the audience that you have specified. This allows you to carefully target your marketing and minimize messages that are not useful to all of your clients.

For example, you could create a special on kitchen remodeling to one specified demographic and an exterior facelift deal to another. By splitting up your audience you avoid burning out your followers on advertising while still advertising effectively. By signing up for a pay-per-click campaign, you can have your ads appear as sponsored posts to selected Facebook users that do not already follow your page.

Remarketing with Google

Google remarketing allows you to reach out to potential clients who have already visited your website. By setting up a Google remarketing tag, those Google users will see an ad for your website when they use the search engine to look for related products or services. This is an effective digital marketing tool because it reaches people that have already expressed an interest in your company.


Adding a blog to your company website is one of the most effective ways to digitally market your contractor business and drive traffic to your website. An informative blog gives prospective clients reasons to visit your website even if they are not currently looking for a general contractor. Articles on home maintenance, seasonal tips, and remodeling values will establish you as an expert, so that they will think of you when they do need a contractor.

Blogging is effective as contractor marketing because people will share your articles that they find helpful. This works as a word of mouth recommendation to each person who it is shared with. As you know, this is one of the most valuable endorsements you can receive.

Social Media

Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great way to connect with your clients and new customers on a daily basis. Best of all, each of these platforms is free of charge. Clients will see your posts side by side with statuses and pictures from the family and friends until they begin to think of you the same way. Interacting on social media not only gives your clients an opportunity to share your name with their friends, it helps them think of you as a friend as well, building customer loyalty as a result.

Landing Pages

Local landing pages are a useful tool for regionally based businesses like your construction company. Building landing pages that are customized for each community that you serve will help ensure that your company name is highly ranked in search engine results. For example, a contractor working in Chicago could have landing pages made up for Schaumberg, Glenview, Downtown, and any others you want to make sure your company is noticed in.

These are just a few ways to start kicking the tires of construction marketing online. Nothing mentioned above is rocket science, but we find that our client profile fits one of these 3 categories; Too busy, don’t have the knowledge, don’t want to do it. So, if you fit one of those profiles, we can help. Give us a shout!

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