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Blog Maintenance: Keeping Your Content Fresh


Blogging is an extremely valuable tool for any business owner, especially in the home improvement space. Articles on your website can increase traffic and conversions, as well as build a strong community on social media platforms. However, a blog is only going to be a key component in your marketing if it’s maintained and updated regularly.

One thing we’ve talked about in the past is creating an editorial calendar, so that you are able to plan at least a month in advance. An editorial calendar will help ensure that you do not repeat topics and pace yourself throughout the month. It is incredibly important to have some type of accountability, right in front of your face. Keeping a mental note of what you’ve already done and what you plan on doing only sets you up to quickly fall off track and put your blog on the back burner.

Make sure that any time sensitive posts are on your site as quickly as possible. If you handle water damage, and your service area has experienced torrential downpours, write an article within 24 hours about signs of water damage or steps a person should take if they encounter water in their home. If your company recent won an award or participated in an important community event, have something on your site about it within a week. People will quickly move on and you want to capture their attention while the topic at hand is still relevant.

You can also invite guest bloggers within your company to write a few posts as well. This not only relieves some of the pressure off of you as the sole provider of content, but also opens the door for a fresh voice and new topics that haven’t previously been discussed. If you’re a one person operation, consider asking a vendor or industry expert to contribute an article as well. You can link to their site or social media account, which will help form a strong partnership, both online and off.

Finally, don’t forget to interact. Interaction is the key to a successful blog, because it not only builds community, but can also spark new article topics you never thought of. Once you see that someone has commented on your post, respond quickly and engage the homeowner. If they have a problem, show empathy and then demonstrate your expertise. Continue the conversation by asking a question of them, and be open to constructive criticism. Showing your human side is a great way to not only build trust, but value within your marketing as well.