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Blogging For Contractors in 5 Easy Steps

Managing a blog is about more than writing when the mood strikes. In order to gain an audience, you will need high quality content, professional design, and consistent blogging habits. Follow these blog management tips for a more successful blog.

Plan your posts.
Writing only when you feel inspired is not a plan no matter what type of writer you are. For a blog to grow in popularity, it needs to have interesting and informative content that is updated with regularity. Plan to post once a day or week, whatever works for you, and stick to it. If you are having a particularly inspired day, write several posts and save them for regularly scheduled days. Undoubtedly, you will have days where you are busy or missing your muse and will be happy to have a stockpile.

Create a blog promotion plan.
Unless you are writing your blog solely for people that you already know, you will need to promote it. The best way to do this is through social media. It is free and easy to reach hundreds of people at once. Build online profiles in your name, company name, or matching your blog title, and update them daily. Include links to any new material or older material that has current relevance. Set a time budget for this. It is important to create an online presence, but do not fall into the trap of wasting hours each day on social media.

Use guest bloggers.
Save your time and sanity while building the community feeling of your blog by allowing guest blogs. Those who are given this opportunity will be even more willing to interact through comments and sharing on your other posts.

Interact with readers.
It takes courage for readers to post questions or comments on your blog, so recognize your effort. Guest’s that have their comments recognized will be more willing to share your links and add to the conversation and feeling of community of your blog.

Revisit your goals.
Set objectives when you begin your blog: who you intend to reach, what your message is, and how you will measure your success. After the first few months, step back and analyze your progress toward these goals. You may find that your blog is successful in an area that was not your original intent. This is an opportunity to redirect or embrace the new direction.

It’s not easy, but blogging, over time, can bring you evergreen leads month after month from a targeted group of prospects who were looking for exactly what you do, read your post instead of a sales page, and decided you were the right company to do business with. So get blogging.