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Blogging & Social Media: A Contractor’s One-Two Punch To Long-Term Lead Development


It can be easy to relegate social media to the role of posting links to your blog posts. While this is a great use of social media, it can do much more for you. If you share your links and walk away, you are underutilizing your social media platforms and the relationships that you can build through them. By developing a comprehensive strategy for using your blog and social media profiles together, you can create a substantial online presence, leading to new customers and increased sales.

Understand the value of both

Blog posts are ideal for providing clients and potential customers with information that will be useful to them. Tips, lists, and advice that will help them in some area of their life will draw readers in, encourage them to interact through comments, and embolden them to share the articles with their friends. Your blog is a valuable tool for building this deeper relationship with your readers.

Social media is a wonderful tool for advertising your blog. Promotion of new articles by providing links to your followers on social media platforms is a spectacular way of using your social media profiles, but it should not be the only use. While your followers will only click on articles that particularly pique their interest, you can provide short blurbs, reminders, and insights on sites like Facebook and Twitter that will encourage their interaction. Pinterest and Instagram are great sites for sharing pictures, tips, and recipes that your followers will appreciate.

Combining the use of your blog and social media will increase the value of your overall online presence. Readers and followers will quickly discern if you are using a profile for nothing more than occasionally sharing links. Make sure you are providing them with a higher quality interaction that encourages them to think of your company as a friend rather than just a business.

Promote your blog through social media

This should consist of more than sharing links to each new article. Look for friends and followers on social media asking questions that your blog can answer. Share links to information that they are looking for, even if it is a post from months ago. Thank followers for sharing your articles and ask them what they liked most about it. Create meaningful interaction that will make your followers feel appreciated and give you valuable feedback about what your customers are thinking.

When you create links, share more than a URL. Ask a question or create a headline that inspires the reader to click and find out more. Present yourself as an expert in your field, so that your followers will learn to go to your blog when they have a question.

Promote your social media profiles through your blog

Your blog is the place that your readers go for detailed, helpful information. They can bond with you through comments, but they truly feel a connection when they can be your online “friend” through social media.

Make it easy for your readers to share your articles with sharing buttons at the beginning and end of each article. Also, provide them with clear links to each of your social media profiles. If you use the profiles for different uses, make sure that you explain that.

For example, you may have a box on your website that says, “Follow us on Instagram to see pictures of our latest projects,” or “Keep up with the latest industry news by following us on Twitter.” Providing links to each of your profiles assures your readers that you are anxious to be friends with them, too.

Develop your online presence

Combining the use of your blog and social media allows you to create a cohesive online presence that builds your reputation as an expert in your industry. When your followers can find value in interacting with you in each venue for a variety of reasons, they will not limit themselves to simply subscribing to your blog or only following you on Twitter.

When you interact with customers and prospective clients through each of your online channels, they will feel like they are more than a possible sale. They will appreciate that you value their comments, opinions, and feedback. The loyalty that you will gain because your customers can see that you value their thoughts is a priceless benefit of developing your online presence.

You will become a larger part of your customer’s life when they see your pictures and read your comments throughout the day. Their loyalty to your company is built when you move beyond the status of business and into the realm of friend. This is done by becoming an online presence that takes on a personality – one that clients find friendly, helpful, and informative.