Build Your Contracting Business With These Key Ingredients

Wanna stand the test of time? Wanna build a business that is around to pass onto your kids? Take the tips from this video, practice them everyday and NO ONE can build a business that competes with you. No amount of advertising, no amount of social media will beat you if you can accomplish these things…

6 responses to “Build Your Contracting Business With These Key Ingredients”

  1. Great advice that echoes what my grandad always said – you will win if you understand that people do business with people. Nobody is like “you” and if “you” have values and a way of conducting yourself that folks like, and you are consistent, capped off with the ability to do a good job, why won’t you do well!

  2. Values, Relationships & Community

    It takes allot of effort – years maybe to build this but it will eventually come. I was skeptical about this but you just have to stick with it.
    Proper capital investment, book keeping, taxes, attention to changing market conditions. -All of it! What a load to deal with!!

    Darren hit’s this point exactly that the only way to be around later is too lay this groundwork concerning the relationships and values.

    As a service provider in the home improvement market I am constantly checking this by how much work I shows up during the winter months.

    Without the relationships, values and community that I have built, I am guessing that the phone would be silent ,no leads to follow up on etc. I am not a “low priced or value contractor”

    Low prices will only last a short time -then you out because another low ball provider will be around to take your place.

    • You hit the nail on the head Alan! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I actually need to talk to you so give a ring when you get a chance.