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Build Word of Mouth Marketing Through Your Employees

Let Your Employees Do The Talking Too!

Word of mouth has long been acknowledged as one of the best ways to get new business for many contractors. High praise from a trusted friend or relative will go further to influence a potential new client than any type of radio, television, newspaper or internet advertising ever could. But how do contractors develop word of mouth marketing?

It all starts with a great team!

First of all, you should treat your employees like royalty. When employees are happy everything else moves smoothly and your people become advocates for your business in the marketplace. Good pay, competitive benefits and adequate time off are what are expected of any professional contracting company, but many times a praising person for doing a good job is better than the benefits.

If you need to correct an employee, do so in private with constructive feedback on how to improve, and I promise you the employee will try harder next time. Scold them in front of their peers and I guarantee you have someone on your staff that now has an axe to grind…not the makings of someone willing to say good things about you behind your back! When employees feel appreciated and respected they return the favor through hard work as well as being part-time sales people.

Establishing a solid foundation for employees will lead to consistency in their work as well as their ability which will build your overall reputation in the marketplace. Step into any successful fast food restaurant and what do you see? You see the same food items, the same menu layout, the same type of equipment and furniture, and continuity in employee dress code. Fast food places are not known for their fine cuisine. Their reputation is built on providing the same food, in the same way, regardless of the location. Once you realize that people want a certain product or service, at a certain price, keep delivering it. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

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