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Building a Family, Then a Company

I had a consult with a 30-person remodeling contractor last week and I just have to share the story with you because it was unlike a meeting I have had for some time. While we walked the grounds of the shop the owner turned to me and mentioned that they had had their first baby last week.

Now, my guy is in his 60’s (not to say that matters) but I said he was going to have his hands full with the new arrival. He politely corrected me by saying that the baby wasn’t his and his wife’s, but that the company had had its first baby.

I thought that was really cool

He went on to say that not one, but two couples have met and gotten married at his company, and that he was very proud of that fact that people where secure enough with him and his business to “grow” themselves – first with a relationship, then a marriage and finally children.

As a business owner, it feels good when your people decide to take root and make a “home” away from home at your place.

And there are economic realities to consider as well

Having happy people who are content to call your company home should result in better production, higher profitability and lower costs. If you are creating an environment where everyone is “family” is more than a marketing slogan, then you should feel good about yourself and the opportunities you are offering people besides just a steady paycheck.

So my question is…

What are you doing to foster a climate in your organization where people feel good about staying with you? Even if you don’t have any employees, I am sure you have a family who certainly has a vested interest in your success!

Which is it?

Let me know in the comments below if you are trying to make your company one where people want to stay for years, or do you think this is too touchy-feely and everyone should just get back to work.

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  1. Joe 'the Pro' Sainz Avatar
    Joe ‘the Pro’ Sainz

    Great article Darren. I love smaller “family” type businesses.