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Choosing Construction Marketing Services



Construction contractors should select a marketing service provider the same way they would select any other contractor. You are outsourcing your marketing but it is a reflection on your business. Therefore, the decision should be made with care. It can be difficult to determine how well a construction marketing service will fit with your company until you have worked with them, but here are some things to look for – and look out for.

Select a marketing service that works exclusively with construction companies.

With a multitude of marketing firms to choose from, you can narrow the field down quickly by insisting upon one that specializes in construction marketing services. Marketing construction contracting has important differences from advertising retail or other services. You want to hire someone who understands those differences and has the expertise to work effectively to increase your business. If you have specific services in mind that you are expecting from your marketing company, ensure that they are prepared to fulfil those expectations as well as having suggestions of their own.

Consider the culture and personality of the marketing service company.

Are you attracted to the marketing firm’s advertisements and materials? If you like their style, there is a good chance that you will like what they put together to represent your company. Interview each company that you are considering to determine how well you work together. The specialist that you choose to market your construction company must understand you, your objectives, and your company’s mission. If you can’t get on the same page or don’t share a vision of the future, it will be difficult for them to market your company effectively. For a marketing strategy to work, you will need to have a good relationship, so make sure that your personalities don’t clash before signing on.

Look for potential conflicts of interests.

By the nature of specialization, a contractor marketing service may represent firms that you compete with. Decide before moving forward whether this is acceptable to you or not. Elements to consider may include size of the marketing firm and capacity for clientele, expectations for confidentiality, and what added value they bring to accommodate for any conflict that may exist.

Understand pricing structure and contracts.

Don’t be surprised by hidden costs in your marketing services contract. Have a clear understanding of how much and how often you will be expected to pay for services. Will you be charged a flat monthly fee or based on specific activities? Are you signing a contract for annual services or can you cancel at any time? Read your contract, including the fine print. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and have any confusion clarified before signing.

Have them show you what is shiny and new.

As part of your marketing service interview, ask them to demonstrate to you their latest tools and trends. This question should not catch them off guard, and they should not pull out last year’s innovations to answer. The marketing specialist that gets excited about new ideas and tells you what they see coming up soon and how it could work for your company – that’s who you want developing your marketing strategy. Feel free to ask them about suggestions to improve your website or other ideas they have. Though you can’t expect a free comprehensive marketing plan, it is appropriate to establish whether or not they have ideas that can improve upon your existing marketing efforts.

Don’t accept a boilerplate marketing plan.

Just as a template website design is no longer acceptable, a standard marketing plan is less than you should expect from a professional construction marketing service. Your marketing strategy must be customized to suit your company and build upon your specific strengths. If a marketing firm has a plan to show you before you have given them details about your business and objectives, they are probably not the firm for you.

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