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Coffee Talk Saturday for Week of November 6th

I like coffee, and I like talking, and I liked Mike Myers in the coffee talk skit, so I thought I would combine them all in a Saturday morning Q&A post. You see, I get a lot of email with many questions that I answer happily for you guys. But then I thought if one person has that question, others might too. So let’s get it out in the open. So each Saturday I am going to answer a few questions I receive during the week.

So, keep the questions coming in emails or comments and I will select one or two and answer them in a post on Saturday. That way it will make the newsletter that goes out on Sunday nights as well.

Here’s our leadoff hitter

Robert J. asked:

How do you know when you have called someone enough?


If you have spent the time go out and prepared an estimate for someone, then you deserve and answer. Now, the answer can be yes or no, but you at least deserve an answer. And if the answer is no, you also deserve to know why.

And here is where it gets tricky

Most home owners will tell contractors that they lost the job over price. In my experience (I have done exit interviews with prospects for larger accounts) there are ALWAYS at least two reasons.

Price may be the first, but there is something else that turns off the home owner that they don’t mention. Think about it, there have been times when you have won bids even though you where the higher bid, so someone else lost for a reason not based on price right?

So make sure you follow up UNTIL you get an answer, because there is a sale on every sales call, either you sell them on your product or services, or they sell you on why they don’t want you.

Got a question for next week? Drop me a comment below, hit me up on my contact page, or send me an email. So keep those cards and letters coming! Have a great weekend!