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Competition & Competitiveness – How Competitive Are You?

How would you feel if you lost a job right in your own backyard…literally in your backyard? I guess what I am trying to get at is how competitive are you? Would you want to strike back or would you just dust it off your shoulder? Let me know!

2 responses to “Competition & Competitiveness – How Competitive Are You?”

  1. NancyB Avatar

    Good question.
    Since our office is in our home, business in our backyard is literally in our back yard. And when you see those potential clients on a daily basis, you start to get choosy. There are 4 or so neighbors that we’ve done work for over the years. One was such an incredible pain in the ass that even if he asked us to give him a price, we’d most definitely decline the invitation. Another didn’t pay us on a very timely basis and when we charged him the very low interest rate we were charging for late fees he had a fit. Those were both very early in our career. The other two we’ve done small jobs on and off for them over the years including this year.
    So to answer the question Strike Back or Dust Off — in our case I think we’d say Dust Off or more succinctly — “We probably wouldn’t want to work for you anyway”. We’ve been here for 15 years and we know our neighbors pretty darn well.

    1. Darren Avatar

      That’s great point Nancy…what happens when you do the work and they turn out to be a hassle?!? Good food for thought. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!