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Construction Branding

In the competitive home improvement industry, developing your reputation and establishing a high-quality brand are the best ways to grow your business. The problem is that not many construction companies are making the most out of their brand, some do not even have a logo. This icon, which brings you to mind each time a prospective client sees it, is a must have marketing tool. Why do you need a strong brand?

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition
Just like brands of cars or clothing are known for their quality, value, or trendiness, you can establish your company as the one to use for the type of work that you specialize in. A memorable brand and logo that is used consistently in all of your business communication and advertising helps you to do that.

A creatively developed logo and tagline can ensure that your company comes to mind when they have need of a contractor. It is possible to capture the essence of your business and mission within this simple image and statement. Let it be your name that is synonymous with quality construction in your local area.

When people see a brand that they recognize, there is trust built upon the fact that it is familiar and established. This enables you to offer new product lines or services that have preexisting consumer confidence due to the fact that they are related to your known brand.

Benefits of a Quality Brand
Not only does your brand give your customers an easy way to remember your name, it can give those unfamiliar with your business an idea of how you operate. For example, a logo can infer quality, sophistication, or value in its design. Unfortunately, a poorly designed logo can also give potential clients the impression that you are an amateur. The goal should be to communicate to each person who sees your brand exactly what they need to know about you as a contractor that they can trust with their construction project.

When you use the same branding across your signage, letterhead, website, and all other business communication, you create a cohesive message that increases your presence in your area. People will begin to remember that logo that they see whether they are driving down the road or logging into Facebook. You want to be the company they think of when they are considering renovations the way they think of Kleenex when they need a tissue.

Customers are more likely to be loyal to your business and have an emotional attachment to your company when you have successfully built a strong brand for yourself.

Building a Brand
They key to building a brand is starting out with a quality logo and tagline that defines your company and will captivate the attention of customers and prospective clients. Most contractors like the idea of having a brand that people remember for high quality, but they’re not sure how to develop one.

To get started, understand your tagline is really your DNA, it is what your entire company is about. From there, everything else falls into place. Then you can design a logo. If you need help, we can help, but you should develop your tagline on your own, and let’s work from that. Once you have your logo and tagline in place, consider one of our plans from The Contractor’s Toolbox to help your marketing and social media campaigns.

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