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Construction Marketing 2011 Tip: A Picture is Worth More Than a 1,000 Words!

construction marketingBe seen and heard in your advertising next year!

Have you ever wondered why so many Realtors and lawyers put their picture on…well, every friggin’ thing? It’s because it is a proven fact that if we see the same picture of a person over and over again, without any other knowledge, we begin to think about that person favorably only because we have seen them repeatedly.

Need proof?

Think about a neighbor that you don’t really know.  You see them leaving for work or arriving home or mowing the lawn on a regular basis.  You probably assume they are good people yet you know nothing about them, all you know is where they live and maybe their last name.

This kind of familiarity can work for you as well.  Start using YOU in your marketing. Start using YOUR name on sites like Twitter and Facebook. It is easier to build a brand as a person than a company. People have personalities and charisma; businesses have…trucks, not too sexy if you ask me.

Anyway, get some pictures of yourself and your staff and put them in all of your marketing pieces. Over time, prospects will begin to relate to you and your company and will feel comfortable with your ads, and believe it or not, they will start calling you more often.  The key is to consistently have pictures in your advertising and to repeatedly reach out to new clients and past clients alike, both online and off.

Photo credit: Dave Bleasdale