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Construction Marketing in 2017 – You Need a Plan


So you’ve finally come to the realization that you need an online presence, but have no idea where to start, right? That’s probably why you’re here. A lot of people may tell you to go with a free website builder and start there. It’s free. It’s easy. You can do that, of course, but you won’t get the results you need to grow your business. You can’t just put up a crappy website and suddenly people are able to find you on a search for a contractor in the area.

You need a plan. You need a strategy. You need a well-designed website that works for you even when you’re not online to babysit it. You need a construction website that will increase your bottom line. Not just hold up a sign for you on the web like some sign spinner.

Benefits of a Professionally Designed Digital Marketing Strategy

Anyone can whip up a free website and write a couple paragraphs of text in a blog. Anyone can share that blog and website with the public on Facebook and other types of social media. Actually crafting an attractive website, with stunning images and engaging content, takes time and expertise. Here’s what you can expect from a well-designed website and a professional marketing strategy:

Page One: Either organically or through paid media, you need to be on page one of the search engine results. Search Engine Results Placement (SERP) refers to the results placement when someone uses a search engine to find something. You will likely find your business on the first page of results if you Google the name of your business. That’s no big accomplishment. But where does your business show up in the results pages when you Google one of your services? Your potential customers are not seeing you if you aren’t on the first results page.

Direct Qualified Traffic to Your Business: People who are specifically searching for a service are likely looking to hire a contractor. For example, if someone in your area is searching for a bathroom remodeling company, they’re probably very close to calling a contractor to get things started. A professionally designed digital marketing strategy will help ensure that your services put you on the first page.

Increase Time Spent on Your Site: Most people click away from a website within 9 seconds of landing there. Pretty incredible, right? They give a website less than 10 seconds to impress them or hold their attention, and then they click away if it fails to provide. Your blog needs to be engaging enough to keep your readers’ attention and invite them to participate by requesting a comment or a visit to your social media page, or even signing up for your newsletter.

Turn Visitors into Customers: Show your expertise. Be informative. Show people that you know what you’re talking about, that you care about their individual situation, and they will purchase from you. Our goal with every digital marketing campaign is to turn your existing readers into customers. Sure, we’ll attract a few more along the way, but your existing visitors are the ones who need that little extra push.

You have to have up to date information

Digital marketing methods have changed dramatically over the years. What you learned five years ago is likely outdated by now. The algorithms used by search engines change quite often to combat spammers and people who use black hat marketing techniques to cheat at the game. You need to work with a construction marketing agency who understands the ins and outs of the various aspects of digital marketing, but more importantly, one who understands construction.

Your marketing strategy should include your website, mobile and local searches, various forms of social media, and several other facets that are included in digital marketing. It isn’t nearly as simple as keyword stuffing a few blog posts and service pages, and hoping for the best.