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Construction Marketing With Newsletters: If You Aren’t Creating a Newsletter with Your Construction Blog You’re Doing it Wrong

construction marketingWhen you start writing a blog for your construction business, one of the first concerns will be getting it to as many readers as possible. Even if your business is doing well, you probably won’t have a big marketing budget, so you have to utilize the most cost effective options. One surefire way to reach out to potential clients is by using an email newsletter. Starting a newsletter is just the start however; you will have to put in some work to build your readership. Some people put newsletters on the same level as junk mail, so you will have to show that your company’s newsletter has value. Keep reading to learn how you can build your brand using your newsletter, and why it makes sense to promote your articles.

Work With a Professional Blogger

A blog is a versatile tool that can help you interact with the public. It can offer valuable insight into your business, and show that you are an expert in your field. A blog gives you control over your message, and your entire marketing strategy may revolve around it. Be warned, once you start blogging, there is no turning back if you want to be taken seriously. You have to be consistent, and regularly provide new content.

Launch a Social Media Campaign

Want to get people interested in your brand? Give them incentives to visit your website or read your blog. Offer giveaways and stage regular contests, requesting emails for entry. Give readers and visitors the option to receive updates on future contests and newsletters. This is how you will build your email list, and create an opportunity for sharing your content.

Set up an RSS Feed

In online marketing circles, ‘RSS’ is a term you will come across often. It means Rich Site Summary, and it allows users to access regularly updated web content. It is easy to add an RSS subscription button to your construction website or your newsletter. When you post new content, your readers will be informed if they subscribe. If you built an email list, you can set up an RSS to your email service, so the new blog posts and newsletters can be emailed directly to subscribers. You can also use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to promote each new edition of your newsletter.

Use Emails Effectively

People tend to get to their personal emails before the other types, so you have to find ways to get yours pushed to the top in terms of priority. Add an email signature to take recipients directly to your blog or website. Encourage employees to do the same for all work related emails. Come up with subject lines that pop. Keep them short and to the point, and make information in the body of your email useful. Use your emails to invite interaction and drive interest in your services. Use your emails to keep subscribers informed on new contests and special offers. Personalize them to add a friendly touch and boost your click-through rates.

A sustained online marketing campaign depends heavily on frequency. Work out a schedule for new blog and social media posts, and do your best to stick to it. With emails you don’t necessarily have to stick to a schedule since you don’t want to swamp readers with irrelevant posts. The good thing about a newsletter is that you can add different types of content to it. You can offer simple do-it-yourself home repair tips, and links to your Twitter feed and blog posts. One thing you will have to do is pay close attention to your unsubscribe rate. Anything over 2% could indicate problems with the quality of your content, or your overall marketing strategy.