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Content, #ConstChat & SEO

If you aren’t familiar with #ConstChat, it’s a great hour you can spend on Thursdays hanging online with others in the construction industry. It’s run by Bridget Willard () and she does a great job every week, so check it out. During last week’s chat, I mentioned we don’t offer SEO here, and for good reason…content.
Content in our view works better than SEO for a lot of reasons, but here’s 5 to start:

1. Content is evergreen.

2. You don’t have to change your content because Google changed their algo.

3. Every post on your site is like a new page and every new page will bring you new traffic.

4. Well written content sells.

5. And the biggest reason…after all the SEO is done and your reader finds your site…it’s the content that still has to sell them, so why not just start there?