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Contractor Blogging – To Blog or Not to Blog, Part 2

Yesterday I talked about why I thought blogging was a good idea for contractors and why having a blog will help bring traffic to your main site, which should hopefully convert into new business.

Today I am going to talk about not blogging. I imagine there are many of you reading this that have no desire to crack open a laptop in the middle of the day to crank out a post on a new epoxy you came across and why it is the best thing you have ever used.

To that I say Amen!

Blogging is not the end all be all to online marketing. It is a tool in your marketing tool belt that when used properly, helps you convert the traffic you get on your site into prospects. But you have no interest (or time) to blog and to that I say good for you. I say that because at least you know what you DON’T want to do. Now we are going to talk about what you are going to do.

Do what you know!

Pretty simple right? If you know direct mail, be the best damn direct mail marketer you can be. If you know PPC or how to create compelling ads in the YP, then go in peace and generate new business that way.

My point is, you don’t have to follow the pack and drink the Kool-Aide just because the guy in front of you drank it. You can say to hell with it and just go about marketing your business the old-fashioned way.

But pay attention to what I didn’t say too

If you have paid attention through these two posts, you will notice I never said do nothing. I want you to either be the best painter-blogger or remodeler-direct mailer or plumber-YP guy out there. Because doing nothing in this economy is the fastest way to going out of business. So start doing SOMETHING today!

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6 responses to “Contractor Blogging – To Blog or Not to Blog, Part 2”

  1. Lawrence Winterburn Avatar
    Lawrence Winterburn

    Careful throwing Yellow Pages name around… they are a dead issue. Telling people to buy that is punishing them financially for no good reason! IMHO


    1. Darren Avatar

      Hi Lawrence,

      Thanks for stopping by! For many verticals I would agree. But I know too many contractors with homes on the beach from the advertising they have done in YP.

  2. Lawrence Winterburn Avatar
    Lawrence Winterburn

    Darren– Years ago that was true… in the last few years that river has dwindled to a stagnant puddle. My site likely gets 10x the traffic the Yellow Pages gets presently. Look it up on Alexa–their main demographic is Single Women… over 55 without a college education. Nobody prosperous uses Yellow Pages in 2011.


    1. Darren Avatar

      For what you do (pergolas), I wouldn’t disagree at all. But open your YP and look at the guys with the double-trucks in Plumbing, HVAC, Heating, Electricians, Landscaping, etc. They wouldn’t be spending upwards of $7k-$10k a month if it didn’t work. It is all about the ad. But again, for what you do, you are better off doing what you are doing. Besides, it shows better online for sure. For example, I know that last year (nationally) the following is true:

      That 6 million people bought some type of fencing. And that 32% found their contractor online while 31% found them in the books and another 12% responded to direct mail offers. Again, these are national, your mileage may vary. What I also know, is that less than 4% used TV, radio or magazines combined to make their purchase. So, for pergolas, you are better off online, for fencing, there is still some value in the books (again, we would have to look at your market specifically), but overall, you are on the right path!

  3. Lawrence Winterburn Avatar
    Lawrence Winterburn

    previous comment… 10 times the traffic they get for decks and fences. (correction).

  4. pipe Distributor Avatar
    pipe Distributor

    Blogging is great at an SEO perspective, communication, helpfulness and basically every other way.,